Server migration


We have sent an email to inform some customers of a migration of their server.

What does this change for you?

  1. Your new server will be much more powerful than the previous one
  2. You will be assigned a new IP (**Your custom IP will be kept)
  3. We advise you to download a backup of your server
  4. Your secondary services will be kept (MySQL, Mumble, Web hosting, etc.)

The migration will start today (03/12/2021) and will take 3 days. You will receive an email informing you that the migration of your server is finished. We invite you to connect to your server to verify that everything is in order.

If you have not received any email, you are not concerned.

If you notice a problem, we will be happy to help you. To do so, we invite you to open a ticket from your customer area or to join us on our Discord.