I can not delete installed plugin

Hello, recently install the “Shop” plugin from the same web application for it, it seems that I get errors when creating a store, and I have decided to delete it, I delete it from ftp, but when restarting the server, it returns again to exit plugin in the list how can I delete this plugin? manually from ftp is deleted, but then appears again, help me please

Hello, have you try to go where you have installed, these to say in the settings of the server there is the tab “Plugin” and you get where you instal your plugin but in this page there has a tab “my plugin” and in it you can also see if there is still. sorry for my english i do not speak very well (google translation):wink:

I am also translating in English with Google, you should have someone who speaks English, if you want to expand the business outside of your territory, it is just an advice because I do not speak English either, but it is the universal language and with it we can understand all good. Regarding the problem, what you told me already probe, erase from the web, and after a reboot again reappear. The solution has been erasing the shop.jar file, in case it is useful for you if ever another client has this problem, greetings!

Hello, perfect if your problem is fixed, I do not in any case part of BoxToPlay I am just a player who helps on the forum as he can x)