How to ask for a REFUND?

I made an order a few days ago, Before making my purchase I tried the FREE period, the server was fine, it was working perfectly. The problem came when I purchased ONE YEAR of service. Suddenly the server started lagging so hard, I was not even able to play. So I created a ticket asking for a refund, but I have been for 3 days already. Is there somewhere else to ask for the refund? Thanks!

If you bought through paypal, you can do a litigation saying that your product is not working etc, i sincerly encourage you to do this and i totally understand your point, for the past few years the service was perfect, but for now, you should not buy anymore, we all hope it will going back to normal but there are serious conflicts between the owner and his employes

I havent used paypal! I have used credit card. Do you think that they will refund me?

Ehm, i don’t really know, the problem is that “they” is divided into: the owner of this service, and the staff,
And currently, the owner is not giving any answer to the staff, the staff would lile to help but they are censored by the owner, we are trying to resolve this situation (we= some users)

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