Actualizar Plugins 1.19 / Update Plugins 1.19 / Mise à jour des plugins 1.19

ESPAÑOL: Buenas, hago esta sugerencia, para saber si pueden actualizar ciertos plugins, que estan desactualizados en su categoria de intalar plugins, ya que intento intalarlos y al iniciar el servidor se me elimina, de igual manera que descagué el plugin en su pagina oficial, al instalarlo e iniciar el servidor, este plugin es eliminado.

Que tenga, feliz día, tarde o noche.

English: Good, I make this suggestion, to know if they can update certain plugins, which are outdated in their category of installing plugins, since I try to install them and when I start the server it is eliminated, just as I downloaded the plugin on its official page, when install it and start the server, this plugin is removed.

have, happy day, afternoon or night.

Français:Bon, je fais cette suggestion, pour savoir s’ils peuvent mettre à jour certains plugins, qui sont obsolètes dans leur catégorie d’installation de plugins, puisque j’essaie de les installer et quand je démarre le serveur il est éliminé, tout comme j’ai téléchargé le plugin sur son page officielle, lorsque vous l’installez et démarrez le serveur, ce plugin est supprimé.

Passez une bonne journée, après-midi ou nuit.


Which plugin are you referring to?

The CoreProtect, on the plugin page, says that it is for 1.19, but when I install it on the server and when I turn it on it is removed, I say, that is because in the Install Plugins section it says that it is up to 1.18

Here are some pictures of what I’m talking about.

Once the plugin installed, rename the jar file with whatever you want before restarting your server. Please make sure to link your plugin with your MySQL database.

We limit the usage of that plugin because its default storage method usually fills the disk up pretty quickly and can cause issues to our customers. However you’ re allowed to use CoreProtect as long as it’s linked to the MySQL database.

Thanks, I can now use the plugin