Mon serveur c stop

2013-05-14 12:08:41 [INFO] Starting minecraft server version 1.5.2
2013-05-14 12:08:41 [INFO] Loading properties
2013-05-14 12:08:41 [INFO] Default game type: SURVIVAL
2013-05-14 12:08:41 [INFO] Generating keypair
2013-05-14 12:08:41 [INFO] Starting Minecraft server on *:25904
2013-05-14 12:08:41 [INFO] This server is running CraftBukkit version git-Bukkit-1.5.2-R0.1-b2771jnks (MC: 1.5.2) (Implementing API version 1.5.2-R0.1)
2013-05-14 12:08:41 [INFO] ----- Bukkit Auto Updater -----
2013-05-14 12:08:41 [INFO] It appears that you’re running a Beta Build, when you’ve specified in bukkit.yml that you prefer to run Recommended Builds.
2013-05-14 12:08:41 [INFO] If you would like to be kept informed about new Beta Build releases, it is recommended that you change ‘preferred-channel’ in your bukkit.yml to ‘beta’.
2013-05-14 12:08:41 [INFO] With that set, you will be told whenever a new version is available for download, so that you can always keep up to date and secure with the latest fixes.
2013-05-14 12:08:41 [INFO] If you would like to disable this warning, simply set ‘suggest-channels’ to false in bukkit.yml.
2013-05-14 12:08:41 [INFO] ----- ------------------- -----
2013-05-14 12:08:41 [SEVERE] not found
2013-05-14 12:08:42 [INFO] DataSourcePool [ScoreboardStats] autoCommit[false] transIsolation[SERIALIZABLE] min[2] max[20]
2013-05-14 12:08:42 [INFO] SubClassFactory parent ClassLoader []
2013-05-14 12:08:42 [INFO] Entities enhanced[0] subclassed[1]
2013-05-14 12:08:42 [INFO] [SignRank] Loading SignRank v1.2.3
2013-05-14 12:08:42 [INFO] [Kits] Loading Kits v1.3
2013-05-14 12:08:42 [INFO] [GroupManager] Loading GroupManager v2.0 (2.10.1) (Phoenix)
2013-05-14 12:08:42 [INFO] [WorldEdit] Loading WorldEdit v5.5.6
2013-05-14 12:08:42 [INFO] [iConomy] Loading iConomy v7.0
2013-05-14 12:08:42 [INFO] [DAC] Loading DAC v1.3.0
2013-05-14 12:08:42 [INFO] [AntiBotUltra] Loading AntiBotUltra v4.0
2013-05-14 12:08:42 [INFO] [Vault] Loading Vault v1.2.25-b320
2013-05-14 12:08:42 [INFO] [HealthBar] Loading HealthBar v1.5.3
2013-05-14 12:08:42 [INFO] [PlayerHeads] Loading PlayerHeads v3.1.0093
2013-05-14 12:08:42 [INFO] [CookieMonster] Loading CookieMonster v1.7.3
2013-05-14 12:08:42 [INFO] [WorldGuard] Loading WorldGuard v5.7.3
2013-05-14 12:08:42 [INFO] [Essentials] Loading Essentials v2.10.1
2013-05-14 12:08:42 [INFO] [Jobs] Loading Jobs v2.8.3
2013-05-14 12:08:42 [INFO] [Citizens] Loading Citizens v2.0.8-SNAPSHOT (build 803)
2013-05-14 12:08:42 [INFO] [EssentialsSpawn] Loading EssentialsSpawn v2.10.1
2013-05-14 12:08:42 [INFO] [PVPCash] Loading PVPCash v1.2
2013-05-14 12:08:42 [INFO] [ChestShop] Loading ChestShop v3.5
2013-05-14 12:08:42 [INFO] [EssentialsChat] Loading EssentialsChat v2.10.1
2013-05-14 12:08:42 [INFO] [AuthMe] Loading AuthMe v2.7.15
2013-05-14 12:08:42 [INFO] [Factions] Loading Factions v1.6.9.4
2013-05-14 12:08:42 [INFO] [ScoreboardStats] Loading ScoreboardStats v0.5.1
2013-05-14 12:08:42 [INFO] [AntiCheat] Loading AntiCheat v1.5.8
2013-05-14 12:08:42 [INFO] [Vault] Enabling Vault v1.2.25-b320
2013-05-14 12:08:42 [INFO] [Vault][Economy] Essentials Economy found: Waiting
2013-05-14 12:08:42 [WARNING] iConomy - If you are using Flatfile storage be aware that versions 6, 7 and 8 have a CRITICAL bug which can wipe ALL iconomy data.
2013-05-14 12:08:42 [WARNING] if you’re using Votifier, or any other plugin which handles economy data in a threaded manner your server is at risk!
2013-05-14 12:08:42 [WARNING] it is highly suggested to use SQL with iCo6 or to use an alternative economy plugin!
2013-05-14 12:08:42 [INFO] [Vault][Economy] iConomy 6 found: Waiting
2013-05-14 12:08:42 [INFO] [Vault][Permission] GroupManager found: Waiting
2013-05-14 12:08:42 [INFO] [Vault][Permission] SuperPermissions loaded as backup permission system.
2013-05-14 12:08:42 [INFO] [Vault][Chat] GroupManager found: Waiting
2013-05-14 12:08:42 [INFO] [Vault] Enabled Version 1.2.25-b320
2013-05-14 12:08:42 [INFO] [Vault][Economy] Essentials Economy hooked.
2013-05-14 12:08:42 [INFO] [Vault][Economy] iConomy 7 hooked.
2013-05-14 12:08:42 [INFO] [Vault][Permission] GroupManager hooked.
2013-05-14 12:08:42 [WARNING] The server will make no attempt to authenticate usernames. Beware.
2013-05-14 12:08:42 [WARNING] While this makes the game possible to play without internet access, it also opens up the ability for hackers to connect with any username they choose.
2013-05-14 12:08:42 [WARNING] To change this, set “online-mode” to “true” in the file.

Nous avons effectué une maintenance et reboot certains serveurs.


Le problème est-il toujours d’actualité ?

[quote=“Mc_Hunter_, post:3, topic:3858”]

Le problème est-il toujours d’actualité

le serveur lag et sa nous deco tout les 5 minute

[quote=“steeve71100, post:4, topic:3858”]

Peux tu nous monter tes logs de maintenant ?
Bien à toi

Je suis allé voir tes logs ils sont bourré d’erreurs.
J’ai aussi remarqué que tu utilisais Tekkit. Je ne sais pas si t’a choisir Tekkit au hasard mais je te conseil plutôt de te retourner vers un FTB Direwolf pack :wink:
Si tu veux à tout prix garder Tekkit il va falloir chercher sur les forums officiels de tekkit tes erreurs et les corriger.

j ai su prk sa fait sa mon serveur cc fait hack le mec il etait avec la console il dit c facile a pirate c normal ?

Avez vous changer votre mot de passe de compte suite a cela ?

oui j ai changer de mdp mes il hack a partir d une console

Oui mais pour se connecter a la console il a besoin de votre mot de passe…
Donc si vous changer votre mot de passe il ne pourra plus avoir accès a la console.