Direwolf20 (v1.0.1) Minecraft 1.7 avec Biomes O' Plenty

Bonjour a tous, d’abord je m’excuse mais mon post vas etre en anglais. Mon francais ecrit n’est pas tres bon. Mais vous pouvait lesse votre reponse en francais.

I have a Mania account and I’m starting a new server.
I’m trying to install Direwolf20 1.7.10 with Biomes O’ Plenty and I can’t make it work.

Does anyone know how to do it?

I downloaded modpacks^direwolf20_17^1_0_1^direwolf20_17-server
I extract it and then run FTBInstall.bat
I change the eula.txt file to true
Using FileZilla I transfer everything to my server.

In “Espace client” I went to “configurer” and change to OpenMod and selected FTBServer-1.7.10-1231.jar.

After saving I start the server but nothing happend. World is not generated.

I also runned the server at home creating a new world, playing with it ok on my localhost but after transfering everything to the server it still don’t start.

Any ideas?

Is anyone else running Direwolf20 1.7?

I want also to use Biomes o’ Plenty but I see that there is not even an option. Just (Default, Flat and Large Biomes) so I guess you will have to modify the server.properties but times I’ve tried Minecraft Mania doesn’t like it at all.

I’ll appreciate any help


Normally in your server folder (on local) you have a folder called “librairies”, you need to place in the “jars” folders with the 2 .jars of Minecraft 1.7.10 and FTBServer-1.7.10-1231.jar

For playing with BOP :

You can use FileZilla to get the server.properties file in your server.

Then, open it and change level-type from “DEFAULT” to “BIOMESOP” (without quotes)

Save, Upload and replace the file and lauch the server.

Have fun

Actually the 2 jar files are not going on the libraries folder but on the root folder. That way I can read them on the configure drop box list when I choose “Version du serveur” I select FTBServer-1.7.10-1231.jar.

And I know about changing DEFAULT to BIOMESOP on the server.properties but it still doesn’t work.

Here, a link to a screenshot of what you need to have in your “jars” folder

When you change for BOP in the file. don’t save your config in “Configuration” of your server. It will reset the server.properties file

Thank you. This is what did it.

I was doing everything correctly except I was saving the configure on the website and that was messing up my file.